In Case of Emergency personal data carrier


Easy to carry

Easy to update

Always on

Always at the ready


Your personal ICE data

You select how much or how little to include. Easy to update any time changes are made to medications or current medical status. Room for photo ID, personal contact information,  3 ICE contacts, medical history, current meds, blood type, screen names and more.

IMG_5944a.jpgEasy to purchase

Sold in packages of 5 units w/ 10 data slips, 1 ICE helmet sticker and instructions. Less than $3 per unit delivered!

Online sales through Paypal - use your credit card or Paypal account through their secure website. Flat rate shipping on all orders.


Easy to wear - easy to use

Wear as a key fob, zipper pull, on your luggage, on your shoe, on your belt loop, on your back pack, almost anywhere convenient. Out of your way but there to save the day.

Let theICEdevice speak for you when you can't speak for yourself. Identify who you are, identify who to contact in case of emergency, identify your current medical conditions and medications.

For Work


Loggers, Contractors, Tradesmen, Climbers, Surveyors, etc - anyone who can get hurt on the job should have their emergency contact information at the ready




Easy to use

Easy to update




For Play

Motorcyclists, Hikers, Fishermen, Hunters, Bicyclists, Runners, and more - If you are out in the great outdoors, you can get hurt. Carry your ICE information in case of need.


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